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  1. You select the product and its quantity
  2. You can send us your order by email
  3. We will make an estimate and the possibility of delivery and the final cost
  4. You will Pay for the product
  5. We will send it to you, along with the tracking code, packaging and shipping photos

Delivery of orders carried out by: Russian Post, DHL, Pony Express

Russian Post DHL Pony Express

We usually DO not ship to: Brazil, Germany, Spain, Finland, Denmark, Morocco, Norway, Belgium, Portugal, Sweden, Italy, UAE, or African countries. Upon request, we can send your order to one of these countries, but please note that due to local laws, the parcel may not reach you. If you are willing to take this risk, please contact us and we will arrange delivery.

Why can't I order online and place an order?

The prices shown on the site are approximate, may vary depending on the quantity & discount, as well as the selected transport company and delivery time.