• Prednisolone
  • Pack of 100 tablets 5mg
  • Price: 8$


For treatment of: Prednisolone, severe allergic conditions, severe systemic skin diseases, severe inflammatory eye lesions.

  • For the treatment of internal organs: endocrine system.
  • Appointment: severe allergic conditions, severe systemic skin diseases, severe inflammatory eye lesions.
  • Indications for use:
    Endocrinological diseases:
    — adrenal cortex insufficiency: primary (Addison's disease) and secondary;
    — adrenogenital syndrome (congenital adrenal hyperplasia);
    — acute insufficiency of the adrenal cortex;
    — before surgery and for severe diseases and injuries in patients with adrenal insufficiency;
    — subacute thyroiditis.
    Severe allergic diseases that are resistant to other therapies:
    — contact dermatitis;
    — atopic dermatitis;
    — serum sickness;
    — hypersensitivity reactions to medications;
    — permanent or seasonal allergic rhinitis;
    — anaphylactic reaction;
    — angioneurotic edema.
    Rheumatic diseases:
    — rheumatoid arthritis, juvenile rheumatoid arthritis ( in cases resistant to other treatments);
    — psoriatic arthritis;
    — ankylosing spondylitis;
    — acute gouty arthritis;
    — acute rheumatic fever;
    — myocarditis (including rheumatic);
    — dermatomyositis;
    — systemic lupus erythematosus;
    metatheria granulomatous giant cell;
    — systemic scleroderma;
    — nodular periarteritis;
    — recurrent polychondritis;
    — rheumatic polymyalgia (Horton's disease);
    — systemic vasculitis.
    Dermatological diseases:
    — exfoliative dermatitis;
    — herpetiform bullous dermatitis;
    — severe seborrheic dermatitis;
    — severe erythema multiforme (Stevens-Johnson syndrome);
    — fungal mycosis;
    — pemphigus;
    — severe psoriasis;
    — severe forms of eczema;
    — pemphigoid.
    Hematological diseases:
    — acquired autoimmune hemolytic anemia;
    — congenital aplastic anemia;
    — idiopathic thrombocytopenic purpura (Werlhof's disease) in adults;
    — hemolysis.
    Liver disease:
    — alcoholic hepatitis with encephalopathy;
    — chronic active hepatitis.
    Hypercalcemia in malignant neoplasms or sarcoidosis.
    Inflammatory diseases of the joints:
    — acute and subacute bursitis;
    — epicondylitis;
    — acute tendovaginitis;
    — post-traumatic osteoarthritis.
    Oncological diseases:
    — acute and chronic leukemia;
    — lymphomas;
    — breast cancer;
    — prostate cancer;
    — myeloma.
    Neurological diseases:
    — tuberculous meningitis with subarachnoid block;
    — multiple sclerosis in the acute phase;
    — myasthenia.
    Eye diseases (severe acute and chronic allergic and inflammatory processes):
    — severe sluggish anterior and posterior uveitis;
    — optic neuritis;
    — sympathetic ophthalmia.
    Diseases of the respiratory system:
    — bronchial asthma;
    — berylliosis;
    — Leffler's syndrome;
    — symptomatic sarcoidosis;
    — lightning-fast or disseminated pulmonary tuberculosis (in combination with anti-TB chemotherapy);
    — chronic emphysema of the lungs (resistant to treatment with aminophylline and beta-adrenomimetics).
    When transplanting organs and tissues to prevent and treat graft rejection reactions (in combination with other immunosuppressive drugs).
  • Contraindications:
    Systemic fungal infections;
    — hypersensitivity to the components of the medication.
  • Composition:
    Active substance: prednisone – 5 mg
    Excipients: colloidal silicon dioxide – 0.65 mg, potato starch – 1 mg, stearic acid – 1.2 mg, magnesium stearate – 1.5 mg, talc – 4.8 mg, povidone – 10 mg, corn starch – 73 mg, lactose monohydrate – 102.85 mg