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  • Oseltamivir-Akrikhin
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For treatment of: immune system

  • For the treatment of internal organs: immune system
  • Appointment: flu prevention, treatment of influenza, SARS
  • Indications for use:
    Treatment of influenza in adults and children over the age of 1 year.
    Prevention of influenza in adults and adolescents over the age of 12 years who are at high risk of infection with the virus (in military units and large production teams, in weakened patients).
    Prevention of flu in children older than 1 year.
  • Contraindications:
    Hypersensitivity to oseltamivir or any component of the drug.
    End-stage renal failure (creatinine clearance ≤ 10 ml/min).
    Children under 1 year of age.
    Severe liver failure.
  • Composition:
    Active substance: oseltamivir phosphate in terms of 100% substance - 98.5 mg, which is equivalent to 75 mg of oseltamivir;
    Excipients: pre-gelatinized starch, povidone (KZO type), cross - carmellose sodium, talc, sodium stearyl fumarate.
    Solid gelatin capsule [body: black iron oxide dye, titanium dioxide, gelatin; cap: red iron oxide dye, yellow iron oxide dye, titanium dioxide, gelatin].
  • Manufacturer: Akrikhin