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  • Nemozol
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For treatment of: Comprehensive treatment and prevention of helminthiasis.

Nemozol albendazole
  • For the treatment of internal organs: intestines, digestive system.
  • Appointment: giardiasis, helminthiasis.
  • Indications for use:
    — nematodoses (ascariasis, enterobiosis, hookworm, necatosis, trichocephalosis); — mixed worm infestations; — strongyloidosis; — neurocysticercosis caused by the larval form of Taenia solium; — echinococcosis of the liver, lungs, peritoneum caused by the larval form of Echinococcus granulosus; — giardiasis; — toxocarosis; — in as an adjunct in the surgical treatment of echinococcal cysts.
  • Contraindications:
    - Hypersensitivity to albendazole, other components of the drug and other benzimidazole derivatives;
    - phenylketonuria;
    - pathology of the retina:
    - children under 3 years of age (for this dosage form):
    - pregnancy and breast-feeding.
  • Composition:
    Active substance: albendazole – 400 mg
    Excipients: corn starch, sodium lauryl sulfate, povidone-30, methylparaben, propylparaben, gelatin, purified talc, sodium starch glycolate, silicon dioxide colloidal, magnesium stearate.
  • Manufacturer: Ipca Laboratories