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  • Miramistin
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For treatment of: Miramistin It is used broad-purpose antiseptic nasopharynx, oral cavity, respiratory system, sexual system, skin, ears.

  • For the treatment of organs: nasopharynx, oral cavity, respiratory system, sexual system, skin, ears.
  • Appointment: pharyngitis, tonsillitis, Trichomonas urethritis, stomatitis, endometritis, gingivitis, sexually transmitted diseases, burns, inflammatory diseases of the genitals, periodontitis, pyoderma, sinusitis, periodontitis, laryngitis, otitis externa, urethritis.
  • Indications for use:
    For use in surgery, traumatology:
    — prevention of suppuration and treatment of purulent wounds;
    — treatment of purulent-inflammatory processes of the musculoskeletal system.
    For use in obstetrics and gynecology:
    — prevention and treatment of suppuration of postpartum injuries, perineal and vaginal wounds, postpartum infections;
    — prevention and treatment of inflammatory diseases (vulvovaginitis, endometritis).
    For use in combustiology:
    — treatment of superficial and deep burns of II and III A degree;
    — preparation of burn wounds for dermatoplasty.
    For use in dermatology, venereology:
    — treatment and prevention of pyoderma and dermatomycosis, candidiasis of the skin and mucous membranes, mycosis of the feet;
    — individual prevention of sexually transmitted diseases (including syphilis, gonorrhea, chlamydia, trichomoniasis, genital herpes, genital candidiasis).
    For use in urology:
    — complex treatment of acute and chronic urethritis and urethroprostatitis specific (chlamydia, trichomoniasis, gonorrhea) and non-specific nature.
    For use in dentistry:
    — treatment and prevention of infectious and inflammatory diseases of the oral cavity: stomatitis, gingivitis, periodontitis, periodontitis;
    — hygienic treatment of removable dentures.
    For use in otorhinolaryngology:
    — complex treatment of acute and chronic otitis media, sinusitis, tonsillitis, laryngitis;
    — complex treatment of acute pharyngitis and/or exacerbation of chronic tonsillitis in children aged 3 to 14 years.
  • Contraindications:
    — hypersensitivity to the components of the medication.
  • Composition:
    Active substance: benzyldimethyl-myristoylamino-propylammonium chloride monohydrate – 100 mg
    Excipients: purified water
  • Manufacturer: INFAMED