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Cardiovascular system Medications for the cardiovascular system

Trombitas Forte For the cardiovascular system
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  • For the cardiovascular system

Medications for blood vessels are recommended not only for treatment, but also for the prevention of pathologies of the entire body. When blood circulation is disturbed, irreversible pathological processes occur in all organs, leading to the development of diseases.

Why does the strength of blood vessels decrease?

The structure of blood vessels depends on their type. Arteries and veins consist of a layer of epithelium and soft tissues, and the walls of capillaries are only flat cells. Due to the structure of the vessels, they are elastic and strong, able to withstand high pressure, under which blood flows out of the heart and spreads throughout the body. Over time, the vessels begin to deteriorate, their elasticity and strength are lost, which causes a number of pathologies.
You need to know the causes of loss of quality of blood vessels in order to influence them with preventive methods:

  • Eating disorders and alcohol abuse impair intracellular metabolism, which weakens the walls of blood vessels, and under blood pressure they lose their elasticity.
  • Changes in blood density due to medication or improper nutrition. The more liquid the blood, the easier it spreads through all the vessels in the human body. When there is a change in the quality of blood (the number of platelets increases), it becomes thick and viscous, which worsens blood flow and dilates blood vessels.
  • Infectious diseases and reduced immunity lead to General weakness and deterioration of all processes in the body. Because of this, blood pressure may be disturbed and blood vessels may stretch without returning to their original position.

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