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Antimicrobial medication for systemic effects Antimicrobial, antibiotics medication

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Antimicrobial & antibiotics the group of antimicrobial medicine includes medicines whose pharmacological action is aimed at combating pathogenic microorganisms. These medicines are available in the form of tablets, capsules, solutions and powders for injection, local forms – ointments, gels, drops, solutions for external use or surface treatment.

Antimicrobial & antibiotics medicine with a wide spectrum of action inhibit the vital activity of several types of pathogenic microorganisms. The wide range of their effect lies in their versatility: they are effective against a large number of the most common microbes. They are often prescribed in the acute period at the initial stages of the disease before determining the pathogen, if necessary, urgently provide medical assistance before receiving test results, or if it is not possible to specify a specific type of pathogen. This group of medicine differs from specific medicine whose effect is directed at a specific pathogen (they are prescribed only after reliable confirmation of the participation of a particular microorganism in the inflammatory process).

Depending on the subgroup of the drug, the therapeutic effect of these medicine is directed at pathogens of various infectious diseases – bacteria, fungi and protozoa. Some of the medicine have a selective effect: their activity is directed exclusively against pathogenic microbes while preserving the viability of harmless microorganisms. However the dosage form from the group of antiseptics affect any micro-organisms, as well as disinfectants for the disinfection of surfaces or objects.

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