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15 best Neotropical medicines

  1. Glycine — Is the best value for money
  2. Phenibut — Relieves anxiety
  3. Picamilon — Relieves older people of migraines
  4. Piracetam — Is the most popular
  5. Biotredin — Struggling with alcohol addiction
  6. Cavinton — targeted impact on damaged areas of the Central nervous System
  7. Semax — is the best nasal medication
  8. Intellan — plant Components
  9. Nootropil — accelerates the propagation Of neural impulses
  10. Pantogam — Neutralizes psychoemotional overload
  11. Cogitum — Is the best stimulating effect
  12. Pramiracetam — Restores cognitive functions of the brain
  13. Phenotropil — relieves stress Conditions (discontinued)
  14. Encephabol — is Struggling with mental retardation in children
  15. Cortexin — is The most versatile

Use of nootropic medicines

Nootropic medicine are of great relevance. Although the first nootropic medicine, Piracetam, was synthesized in 1964, only now the means to improve the brain activity of this group have given in to publicity, especially among schoolchildren, students and the elderly. Nootropics have almost no side effects, the most obvious is overexcitability, which can manifest itself either in hyperactivity or in panic attacks. The reviews note that to get such negative effects, you need to use a very large dosage of the medicine, in all other cases, this is nothing more than autosuggestion.

As a standard, to get the desired effect, namely to improve brain function, increase learning, and concentration, it is important to drink a course of at least a week to get the first noticeable changes. At the same time, it is not enough just to take the medicine and expect new knowledge to appear from nowhere, some enlightenment. You need to constantly use logic, read some information, and so on. This is how nootropic medicine can help, for example, the same students before exams; the student should surround himself with the necessary educational literature and begin to study it. Due to the effect of improving blood circulation, oxygen saturation of brain cells, information is better remembered and absorbed.

Nootropics are relevant not only for advanced youth, but also for the elderly. With age, brain cells begin to actively die, and therefore, symptoms of senile dementia, sclerosis and other age-related diseases associated with brain activity may appear. The elderly body needs to be helped, to saturate it with useful elements, and it is nootropics that can significantly improve the overall picture of the life of an elderly person.

Often, nootropic medicine are prescribed to patients with traumatic brain injury, as well as children with prolonged speech and mental development. In the first case, nootropics will help restore the functioning of brain functions, adjust to the previous mood, and in the second, when the child does not want to start talking or does not show success in learning, nootropics will allow you to focus on new information, expand your horizons. Another indication for the use of these medicine may be alcohol dependence.

The main criteria for rating medicine in the Top of the best nootropics are:

  • Online reviews and General reputation;
  • The opinion of the representatives of medicine;
  • Value for money;
  • Trust level;
  • Security.